Homemade Sushi

Homemade Sushi

I had a huge sushi craving and decided to make sushi for dinner. I would have rather eaten raw fish, but half the family does like it, so I had to go with cooked fish.

The sushi order goes from top row (left to right) and bottom row (left to right)
1. Philadelphia Roll (Smoked Salmon and cream cheese with scallions)
2. Avocado Salmon with tenkasu (tempura bits) and scallions
3. Eel Philadelphia roll (my sister’s creation-replaced salmon with eel and scallions)
4. (bottom left) roasted chicken roll (with carrots cucumber and hoisen sauce)
5. Avocado vegetable (with carrots and cucumbers


ugh soo much sushi… I turned into a roll myself…


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