Clazziquai Project- First Korean Indie Music Favorite// Eat Your Kimchi introduction

I want to talk about a very recent addition to my large East Asian Music artist list that I listen to. Thanks  to Martina and Simon from “Eat Your Kimchi” Eat Your Kimchi- Martina and Simon, which everyone should look at, I have been obsessing over a Korean Indie band called Clazziquai Project (sounds like cla-z-kwii).

Clazziquai Project

The band consists of a DJ (DJ Clazziquai) and other music artists that are featured in his songs. I love the different tempos and beats that all of these songs have to offer and each album/single is never the same. Like most songs from all music artists, I do not like all of their songs. However, there are many of that I love, which I will mention .


EYK  family: Simon, Martina, Dr. Meemersworth, Spudgy

It was thanks to Martina and Simon that got me into their music. They are an unbelievably awesome married couple from Canada who live in South Korea. They used to be English teachers, but then decided that their passion was to share the culture of the country to (at first) their parents, and then THE WORLD! (They aim for WORLD DOMINATION! MWOH HA HA. joking!…. well maybe not for their blue tailed pekineses named Spudgy and Scottish fold Dr. Meemersworth.). I started to follow them over the summer and loved them from the first video I saw. They have already been living in South Korea for over five years and have produced videos  ranging from the places to visit, to the food, Korean Pop music reviews, and more. They let the views into a large part of their personal life, except for a lot of things (I can think of a few. :evil laugh: Ku Ku Ku.) .

The couple of mostly famous for their music reviews called “K-Pop Music Monday”, where they have the “nasties”, or what Simon likes to call the fans, vote for the top song that they like the two to review. The top song that has the most votes will be featured on their videos.  Other videos include food adventures, traveling adventures, and mini pet-adventures.

Their videos have lots of humor, personality, wonderful video editing skills which I must master (I assume they use…. Adobe After Affects or some other godly video editing program), and are so entertaining. They just recently moved from Bucheon to Seoul and started their up their own studio, called… “Eat Your Kimchi”. Fans from all over the world donated over $100,000 in… USD I believe, who gave them their dream of starting up their own studio and more! They also have an expanding work force, so far with a few people that are ghosting in the underground EYK headquarters and an intern.  I would so love if they expanded their company to become East Asian wide, I would literately work for free or extremely minimal wage to do something on China/Taiwan (and maybe some US stuff).   Anyway, they are educating THE WORLD about Korean culture and more, one video at a time.

To learn more about Martina, Simon, and their world of Eat Your Kimchi, visit their webpage which has two fronts, Eat Your Kimchi Music (when you first access the site) and  Eat Your Kimchi Culture (there is a link button to access it). There are lots of great posts and media for everyone to explore

This is their “About” page
About Martina and Simon

Going  back to Clazziquai Project, here is their Youtube playlist through their music company, Fluxus,

I have a few songs that I really love

This version of “Love Mode” give off a discosque  feel that is does not make me feel like I’m actually in that 60’s era. It is fused together with techno and smooth beats that create a wonderful song. It kind of reminds me of Daft Punk (which I also love).

There is another version that include a famous rapper from Japan called “M-Flo”,  Love Mode feat. VERBAL (m-flo),  that I like as well.

Both version make me want to dance, but I can’t dance for my life… (-_-);;;

“Tell Yourself” was the first Clazzquai that got me hooked on to them. It was EYK that introduced me to this song when they mentioned about having their first Studio interview of the band. The end of their video had a link to this song. When I opened it, the beats were so catchy and the music video was so cute and quirky.


Well, I’m sure I’ve written your ears off . That’s all for today!

Pictures respectively belong to (C) Eat Your Kimchi, (C) Fluxus Music, and (C) Clazziquai Project


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