Multimedia Montage Project (Blog Prompt #2)

Ok guys, it’s assignment time.. Again… I’m cutting it close to the deadline -_-;; I have joined a group in Thinkfinity called “Online Tools for Educators”. Just like our group “Web Based Multimedia design for educators”, teachers, educators, and other education-related members can talk, discuss, and contribute to the quickly expanding world of technology in schools. This group has a wide spread connection to members across the country.  From the discussion I’ve seen, there are a large number of topics that are touched upon; technology issues, to suggestions, and more. This community is very active with lots of helpful advise, suggestions, and invoking questions about technology, how to use them, and what interesting ways they can be used in the classroom. As a foreign language teacher, it is important that be able to create ways of integrating technology to enhance my students’ learning of Chinese. There are numerous websites, apps, and programs that can be used to help improve a student’s Chinese in many different areas, such as speaking and listening.  Walker, Jameson, and Ryan (2010 ) points out that “Digital media offer new modes of representation and expression, which stretch the term ‘literacy’ to include representational fluency in a variety of forms, not limited to the printed word” (p.213). With the different forms of technology, they can enhance a student’s language learning through engaging and thought provoking activities that can be use side by side a language text that provides a language background. There are those who are looking for different types of technology and media ideas in this group to enhance their teaching and technology integration in their school. There are many ideas and suggestions that I have already seen that are fantastic to be used in educational institutions  My involvement in this community will help contribute many suggestions on different types of programs that can be used for many different subject types as well as what ways to use technology to create interactive and fun projects/assignments for world languages and more.



Another community that I am joining  is “Adobe Education Exchange”. This group has a large world wide reach for teachers, educators, and related members who use Adobe products in their teaching. This community allows the exchange of information as well as samples of products that teachers and education related members have created through programs such as Photoshop. They have great material suggestions and resources to help ease graphic design programs into the classroom and subject curriculum  With programs such as these, Pettersson would agree that they, through message design, “may be used in many different ways to produce, transmit and interpret messages of various kinds in different communication situations” (p.39). Adobe programs have already made a large impact in the art world, so now it is time for them to make a bigger shine in the world of education as a way to connect people from across the world. In addition, this community with help me become more proficient in Adobe programs that I am not familiar with and allow me to contribute my experience in the programs that I already use.

—– resources: Pettersson, R. “Visual Literacy and Message Design”. TechTrends. March April 2009. (38-41) Walker, S., Jameson, J., and Ryan, M. “Skills and Strategies for E-learning in a Participatory Culture”. Rethinking Learning for a Digital Age. 2010. (212-224)


4 responses to “Multimedia Montage Project (Blog Prompt #2)

  1. Hi Mae-Lin, I guess it’s comment time…again…:)
    I feel like we do not have a lot of usage of technology in Chinese teaching used in the past, and it would be cool if we can come up with ideas of how to make it possible. The thinkfinity group seems interesting, and you are quite adapt with using the multimedia tools so I do believe you could possibly suggest many different programs that are helpful to teachers that want to play around with technology in their classrooms.

    On a side note, I love your blog. It has a natural warmth to it and seems to be well maintained. All my blogs rarely last a month lol.

  2. Hi Min!
    I visited the Adobe Education Exchange, and I’m quite impressed with its community statistics. The fact that it has almost 75,000 members is a testament to its usefulness. I really, really want to learn how to use Photoshop, so I should join this group too.

    I also joined Online Tools for Educators. I look forward to seeing the suggestions that you make to the group and might share some of your tips and resources with our Mandarin teacher.

    Want to hear something funny? The Mandarin teacher and I teach next door to one another. Because there is a hole in the wall that adjoins our two rooms, we can both hear everything that is happening next door. SO when she uses songs and videos to teach certain words and phrases, I hear my kids (who are supposed to be doing their English assignments) singing along or responding in Mandarin! It’s hilarious. It just goes to show you that multimedia can “reach” children…even if they’re in the other room!


    • Hi Vanessa,
      That is really funny. I see the plus in this as the students are learning bilingually at the same time. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this! I know my way around photoshop to work with my own images, but not as skilled as my twin sister who is a graphic designer. If you need any help at all with photoshop, I will be glad to help you.

  3. Hey Mae-Lin,

    I really like Adobe Education Exchange, it is a great collaboration of educators and other professionals where they can share work among other things online. I like how you mentioned Photoshop because I just started using it with my students and it was so interesting on how they responded to it. (In a good way of course!) I am still new to it but I am getting use to it and I’m pretty sure it’s growing on my students.


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