Paperman- Walt Disney Animation Studios Short (2013)/ My analysis and post

(Aw, nuts…. the video can’t be viewed anymore. NUEEEEEEEE!!!!)

Again, this is just my own analysis and opinions of Disney’s animated short, I am no way related to the company and its related corporations

All images and videos solely belong to their respected companies
(C) Walk Disney Animation Studios

I love a lot of the work that Disney has done with their clips and movies, but I have to say that this recent clip that was posted on their youtube is amazing…

Nowadays, Disney’s movies and clips are all purely made of 3-D renderings. This video, however, is a fusion of both 3-D and 2-D rendering which makes a moving and romantic short.

The video seems to be set in a city (maybe New York) back in the 1920’s-1940’s. The black and white color scheme makes creates such an impact in this video. A classic scene where two people meet and an event of chance brings them together, with a brief separation when they go separate ways. The young man’s only memento of the girl is with the lipstick kissed paper of his. You can see a bit of a connection that comes between them when they smile at each other as the girl leaves on the train.

What I loved here was when the young man was in a work place with older middle aged men who all looked the same. You get a sense that he is alienated in the work place, especially with his uptight boss.

He suddenly sees the girl and works hard by trying to get her attention using paper air planes to get her attention through an open window. This is such a unique spin on the cupid’s arrow (and being that it is close to Valentine’s day, this is quite the point that this was released (in my opinion))

After his arsenal of paper airplanes are used up and his boss confronts his attempts by more paperwork, he rebels from his co-workers and runs to live his life by chasing the girl he loves.

There is a period of frustration when he missed her around the corner and throws a paper airplane into the air in frustration, the same one with the girl’s kiss.

The magic of Disney comes to life when the kissed paper comes alive and calls on the rest of the paper airplanes that get stuck in an alley. They push the young man to the direction of the girl, despite his attempt to go against them. I feel that this is a representation in that you cannot fight the attraction you have for a person you love and should walk away from it (unless of course, they are already taken.). This same scene happens to the girl when the kissed paper airplane reaches the girl looking at flowers at a flower shop. It turns and heads to the direction of the train station, which she follows.

Here, I applaud the extremely talented musicians of Disney in how they match the music to the intensity and passion in this scene where the two (future) lovers come to meet each other again at the same train station that they first met, with the help of a lip-stick kissed paper.

I love the video and I can’t stop putting it on repeat. Well done Disney and I expect more amazing work like this in the future.


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