Blog Assignment 6- Mini Art School 4

Hello everyone,

I apologize for the late post. I was recently swamped by the large amount of work that I had to complete for graduate school. I’m free now, but to do more assignments… The life of a student never ends, huh?

Anyway, this is the next post for my assignment, I am storyboarding and working with “In 60 seconds!” concepts.

I will with my concept in 60 seconds first.  This video is about going through three Android game apps in 60 seconds, though the actual title is

For people who are familiar with taking screencasts, it is so easy to record what is happening on your desktop. There are numerous programs (like Debut Video Capture Software)  and websites (screencast-o-matic). These programs, however, don’t work very well for android produce. Of course, you can find videos where it shows people being able to record through their phones and tablets, but that is because they products are “rooted”. What is “rooting”,  for many  it is called “hacking”, however from what I’ve seen, it’s a way to reach into the deep layers of android’s programs (bypass the security it has) to use apps that require access to areas of the android software more customizable   options, abilities, and more.
There are many good apps (from what I read on reviews) to screen record android interfaces, but I am not comfortable in “rooting” my tablet because one, it was expensive , two, it is my life when I’m at school since my laptop is now under my mother’s possession for her dramas, and three, I am happy with the way my “unrooted” android works. I will just wait until Android developers and App Developers find a way to make it happen.

Ok, enough with my  “android rooting” ranting.  From the failed apps and programs that I tried to screen record with Android, I ended up going with a good old fashioned  point-and-shoot camera. I followed the tips of shooting that  the white spaces book mentioned for lighting,  and using a tripod.

The tripod is a god-send since it is so annoying to try and hold the camera while using the tablet. Especially with the tablet being connected to a keyboard dock and straight-up, I wanted it to be perfectly still to capture all the details and actions I wanted.

I used, I feel a close up shot for this because the details of the tablet is  extremely sharp

I also kept the video simple with a basic fade in/fade out  transition, but the special thing is that I changed the video speed and angle. If you noticed, my main screen for my tablet is horizontal. A large majority of android apps are vertical oriented. What I did was rotate the video so that I won’t have you guys  tilting your head to the side to look at it. Though that image is very funny now that I think of it.

With the apps, it is difficult to visit three apps within one minute, so sped up the video clips that gives you a preview of what you can do in the game, and I slowed it down to focuses on some parts that I wanted you guys to see (like the mushroom library!). I also edited out the transitions from app to app.

The song I used for the video was from the Nintendo DS game that this app was based one called “Touch Detective”, which I credited for educational use.  I used it to match the quirky fun and cute strangeness of the app.

I hope you guys enjoyed the video and my weird tastes in games. I love these Mushrooms, they are so witty and funny!.


For the first part, this is my MMP storyboard… I apologize for it being so… sloppy. Again, I followed the advice of the White Spaces book on story-boarding   I used movement to follow the different areas of the blog through tracking, from the top of the blog to the bottom.   I also used different framing shots, for the blog, I used a full close-up, to simulate what a person would see on a computer screen. As for the certificate, used a medium close-up because I am focusing on showing the detail of the certificate.

storyboard 1

This is the first part: The teachers and educators are going to access the website and see it in a similar design. I will already have send  participants pre-seminar surveys. They will first read the first page for what this blog is about. They will also be a link to the first part of the seminar. The seminar posts will be posted on the corresponding date each part of the seminar will start.

storyboard 2

When the participate click on the link,  they will see a introduction to the seminar (example: part 1) of They are expected to do. A webinar video will be present for them to look at.

storyboard 3

After watching it, the participants will post comments and blog links.

storyboard 4

As you see here, there is a bit of a change. This is the second part of the seminar, but also the teacher blogs are present. The teachers will follow this format for the rest of the seminar.  They will also be expected to visit other teacher blogs and comment (hmm… where have we heard that before? Professor Holan, the blog assignments were a great idea, I had to use it. Thank you!)

storyboard 5

I will also post reminders for the teachers to keep in check for what they need to do for the blogs and what to expect for the next webinar session.

storyboard 6

At the end, the participants can receive a certificate for professional development (if possible). If not, this will still be a certificate of proof.


One response to “Blog Assignment 6- Mini Art School 4

  1. Hi Mae-lin,
    Saw you playing that game in class. I should download it too…looks interesting. I think Iproducts have something similar as the “rooting” you’re talking about, though it’s quite simply just called “jail break”. I personally have a jail broken ipad, and the secret is…being able to install multiple apps and get (some) apps for free is just awesome.

    I also really like how you broke apart your story board into slide by slide, and you explained what was drawn in each slide. It may be a bit sloppy, but as long as you can understand it and the idea is clear, it’s cooler.

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