A reflection of my blog posts-Educational Technology

Spring Break is here!! Not.. what should be my week of vacation is a week of making up work and doing homework… Such a sad life of a studious student…\

Anyway, all of the posts that I created for the past few months has given me much insight on the various aspects of graphic design and the importance of technology.

In graphic design, it takes many steps to create eye catching and innovative layouts for interaction,  thought provoking feelings, and more.  The texts that were used in class helped me see that. For example, The White Space book talked about the seven layout sins. I never knew about them when I had first started working with graphic design when I was younger.  I was guilty for sin number 6, Centering everything (p.36) whenever I made my designers. I have learned that there are other ways that I can effectively grab my audiences attention. Also, like in the Basic Design Book, I learned how my designs can affect the message that my layouts are trying to convey.

Looking back at my posts, I really found out that story boarding is a great way to help organize a big project, especially with the MMP projects. It was great to see how many different types of story boards there were. Mine was a hand drawn copy which was terribly drawn in my opinion. However, it helped me be able to see what I need to do for my project and how the steps go for it.

The feedback that I gain from my fellow students were all helpful and insightful. They helped me by critiquing my work and opening my eyes to different perspectives. Like in blog post four, my fellow classmates picked out different details from the photographs that I picked that I did not realize, such as the textures of the photograph.


From all of these posts and readings, I have learned to become a more well-rounded and attentive designer. I need to be able to not only fulfill my need in my layout but for my audiences as well. I myself already have a good sense of  what I need to do in terms of working on improving my graphic design skills. I have to be careful of not going too overboard with my designs in terms of  shapes, colors, and more that can clash with the message that I am intending to promote and/or creating  a space where the design either feels cluttered, sloppy, and so forth.  For right now, I do not have any changes to make to what I have done so far, but I will keep a sharp eye for anything I need to change!!


2 responses to “A reflection of my blog posts-Educational Technology

  1. Hi Mae-Lin,
    Yes I too will be doing homework and work! Ah the life of a college student! I think the Seven Layout Sins was very shocking because when I look back to my blog layouts, I have broken a few of the sins. It’s great that you found the feedback given to you to be insightful and helpful. I think for the most part when you create something it’s has everything you want and when the audience takes a look, they look at something more and you learn something new.

  2. Hi Mae-Lin,
    Isn’t catching up with your work so much fun!? Exactly what I’m doing now, so here is a late comment on your post. I agree with you when you said, “all of the posts that I created for the past few months has given me much insight on the various aspects of graphic design and the importance of technology”. It is cool how people that are practically technologically illiterate like me, and people that do actually know a good amount of technology and how to use them can both benefit from the course. Just a random thought…I guess maybe that could be counted as differentiated learning?

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