Using the Nintendo 3DS to Tour the Louvre!!

I always find it interesting to find how creative Nintendo is becoming. They have created a 3ds ware (or basically 3DS app) that allows you to explore the famous Louvre art museum in France! To make this simple and short (I suggest you look at the video to get a more detailed look), this Louvre app allows you to look at all the art pieces inside the museum as well as tour around the place itself.

They give you detailed commentaries of the art pieces, allow you to zoom in on each and every piece of art in the museum, and much more. You can also take a guided tour! (which is amazing). I can’t tell everything because it would be too long to list, but watch the video and you will be amazed at the innovation that Nintendo has brought in.
If you are planning to go to the Lourve in person, the IGN video has stated that you can use it in the museum for as a guide tool and more. If I had a 3DS, I would buy it, but maybe if the app was around $12-$13, not $20.

This 3DS ware would be great for teaching in art, history, french language classes (especially to help students understand the culture) and much more. Such an interactive museum in, literately, the palm of their hands will get the attention of the students and have them be able to go to broader horizons from just their own classroom.


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