Feeling the strain of Sriracha….. or the lack there of.

Ever since the whole Sriracha incident, there has not been a whole lot of stuff on it now in the new year.  Especially from this ABC news article, I finally see the shortage of Sriracha coming true. I was in my local asian market, “Asian Food Market” and saw that the hot sauce shelves were lacking the Huy Fong brand  sauce! Well, one of the two hot sauces that it makes. The well known tall bottle with the green twisty spout was missing. Its other garlic chili sauce was there, which is equally as good, was only there. Strangely, it was hidden behind other hot sauces… It made me very sad…

That tangy hot chili sauce with that vinegary bite… The sauce that goes great with many foods. Just last week I drizzled some on top of my two sides I ordered from Boston Market, corn and mashed potatoes. So delicious!

I do hope that the famous chili sauce does not have a shortage
… I will be a sad panda… Though the garlic chili sauce is also great mixed in with kewpie mayo!  Just mix any amount of the mayo and sauce you want. Great as a dip! (especially for roasted seaweed!)


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