Skin79 Crystal C Mist Toner Review (Self-purchase)


(C) Miss Lie Collection

This next review is about a mist toner from Skin79. The full product is SKIN79 Crystal C Mist Toner. SKIN79 has a small lineup for its mist toner for this (I believe) series. There is also a green tea and rose mist toner. I went for the Crystal C one because it claims to have Vitamin C, which is known to help brighten skin tone.  The spray bottle is convenient in that is is more sanitary than open bottled ones. Just a few spritzes with the bottle a few inches away from the face (but not to far it to just moisturize the air) and tap it into the skin

For many people, toners can sometimes be harsh on the skin because of the high alcohol content in them. People with really sensitive skin tend to shy away from these toners, opting to buy alcohol-less ones.

With this toner, I have mixed feelings about it. I normally used this toner after I wash my face. There are times where my skin is completely fine when I spray it. However, the times that it is not, the spray actually made my skin burn and have red blotches. I managed to finish it in four months, with the help of my sister as the both of us used it twice a day.  

This toner does help my skin feel softer, but it does have a drying affect at times.  I purchased this through RubyRuby79 on Ebay for $7.99 with free shipping.

Would I buy this again? No, being that it can cause my skin to burn, I will avoid this product. I have two more toners in my arsenal that I am going to try out, which is Skinfood’s Facial Water Vita-C Mist and the Peach Sake toner (and the rest of the line)


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