JJCC (Double JC) 2014 Debut with “At First”- Jackie Chan’s boy band



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It’s been very big news that Jackie Chan (yes the legendary martial arts actor) was producing his own K-pop boy band, called JJCC (Double JC). They made their first debut this week on various Music programs throughout South Korea. The band consists of five members, (Four Korean and one Chinese- Australian (or was it american) member).  San Cheong, Eddy, Simba, Prince Mak, and E-co. The languages they can speak are Korean, Chinese, and English (there might have been another language they knew). M-net, Music Bank, and many other programs showed the country a very unique boy band, the project of Jackie Chan.

Their debut song, “At first” is very different from much of the music in the K-pop field. Its a more soothing hip hop with a R&B flare to it. There is no flashy dancing, just a focus on the boys, their ability to sing, and handsome looks.

This move that Jackie Chan has made, I think, is a successful move for his band. For some die hard K-pop fans, this is something they are not used to and there are fans that do not like them. However, there are just as many fans who embraced their debut and really like them.

As for me, I fell in love with them immediately. Their vocals for this song were soothing, yet you can hear their passion in the background. The dance routine flowed well with the song and their timing was wonderful (coming from the person who did marching band all of her high school career. ha ha ha). There was nothing flashy about their dancing, just (again) a pure focus on the boys and their  great singing talent
I present to you three videos, Two live performances, one from M-Countdown and Music Bank. These performances contain all five members. The official video, however only showed four. It was said that Prince Mak (the missing member) was injured in an accident while they were filming the video. While it is sad that he was not there, I have huge expectations from the positive debut JJCC has made. They have great potential and I look forward to seeing them grow high in the K-Pop world Good luck, you guys! 加油!Fighting!


(Music Bank Debut)

(M-Countdown Debut)

(Official Video-)


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