“Ghost Stories”- New Album by Coldplay, May 19th release, 4 more days

I have been keeping myself busy over the past few days, lots of things to do at home, work, and dealing with personal things. However, all my personal issues are slowly being defeated as I am moving on with my live and leaving the people that try to keep me down.

What is helping me more is the excitement that I am feeling from the upcoming release of  Coldplay’s brand spanking new album, “Ghost Stories”, in addition, the broadcasting of  the live concert this coming Sunday, the 18th, on NBC.

From my previous post about the Coldplay concert, fans only got to sample three of the songs from their album. However, Coldplay had just recently released a animated video of their album art along with all of their songs for fans to listen to.  Like a loyal fan, I have listened to it and loved it. Of course there are a song or two that I do not really like, but I will have to review them again once I have the physical album/mp3.

Through iTunes, I was curious to see what the reviews are of the album and, of course, there where many people who gave it one star reviews. Why? Many people felt that they had strayed too far from their original rock music and fell too much in to the electronic pop music that is being played today.  Too bad people! Coldplay, just like any other bands and singers, can do whatever they want!  I think that it is great that Coldplay is embracing and using various instruments and tools to create music. Especially with this new album, they are combining their talents of their music skills to create great music. There is also a more emotional aspect to this album. Also even though the lyrics for many of the songs were repetitive and short (as complained by many reviewers), they have a strong impact through the influence of the music that follows. Simplistic or now, they still have strong messages and meanings.

For right now, I will wait ever so patiently for my pre-order of the album in vinyl and the digital download.  The animate album video will have to do for now. Until then fellow Coldplay fans, four more days until the release of  “Ghost Stories”!! Don’t forget to watch the live concert on NBC this Sunday at 7 pm ET/PT


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