The simple things in life can keep a person happy..

I am continuing on my new routine for the self by fully appreciating the happiness that all the little things bring me. Many people think that they need the best, greatest, and latest things to be happy. From what I can see, they just make people and their wallets cry and depressed. 

Of course, there are many things that I want. However, I have to look at what is the more important things that weigh more in value than buyables.

Family is the most important thing. Even if you have fallouts with your family members, they are the only ones who are the closest to you.  Many of you think, “I think of my friends as family!” It maybe true for many circumstances, but you never know when those friendships can break in an instant. With that who would you turn to if that happens? Family are the ones who (for the most) always have arms wife open to you when you need it most. Also,  those small moments where silly things happen, the good and the bad, treasure those moments. Life is short and you never know what will happen.

Also simple necessities can make one unexpectedly happy. I for one love food. Anything that tastes good will make my taste buds sings. For example, i went to my local town’s greek festival with one of my friends and her boyfriend and had an amazing dinner and dessert. Tasty chicken and pork kabobs, the spinach triangles, and five different greek desserts. I regret nothing!

Of course, aside from family, it is important to have some good friends in hand. Today’s definition of friends have greatly changed. For many, friends refer to the number of people have in your circle, not for who the ones who really care for you. Just be careful as well for even close friends can hurt/ back stab you.

Good friends are ones who see you as an equal, not a stepping stone, or a substitute for something, or will just use you. Also if they have bad habits that affect you over the long run, you should start to think about distancing yourself away from them.

Stepping away from friendship. Normal activities can also be liberating and happines inducing. I love to garden and feel satisfied when something grows and brightens up your living space. I am growing flowers and veggies together and it’s been a liberating experience. You feel accomplished when your hard work pays of, especially when you have tasty food you can eat.
It’s kind of late now and my brain is starting to ask for sleep, but what things do you do to make yourself happy (and nothing illegal i hope)? I say try something new, at least a few times a month, it can be a food, activity, and much more. Your own happiness should be worth more than anything else. It will help you out even in the darkest of times.


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