Gluten free oreos or The Old Fashioned ones?

Sorry for the long hiatus. Life has kept me busy, especially with my deepened interest in cooking!

Moving on…. I have extreme pity for oreos that do not taste like the original. I have made homemade oreos before, and they were such a great hit at home and at work. But for Gluten free ones, not so much. I’m sure there are plenty of good gluten free oreos that taste like the real deal, but I am referring to store brand ones. I am in charge of dessert for a dinner I am going to tomorrow and I thought that the Oreos at Trader Joes, or known as Joe Joe’s would work for an Oreo Cheesecake recipe I found on the web. I walk into my local Trader Joe’s with hidden excitment with the hopes of their brand of Oreos would be great, however a certain wall had caused my hope to falter. The only oreos like version was their Gluten Free one. I hesitated because that was the only one they had, the other joe joes were regular, glutenified ones (I can eat gluten filled foods, but I wanted to make my cheesecake unique. Boy was I wrong….. I went home and opened the box with anticipation…

Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Oreos. Picture credited to Nicole from her blog “”

The moment I opened it, the faint whiff of those famous oreos came, but then followed with a very weird after smell that I couldn’t point out what it was… I started to doubt my trader joe’s pick, and realized I had not made the right choice for this cheesecake. The taste did not match the original either. It had a faint playdough like flavor, which made my taste buds tingle in a bad way. I love trader joe’s, and their joe joes, but their gluten free ones…. they made me cry…. off to the supermarket again.


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