NYCC 2014 Day 3, Saturday October 11, 2014

New York Comic Con 2014- Day 3 Saturday October 11. 2014

This past saturday I went to New York Comic Con 2014, day 3 Saturday. I only went to one day because it was a last minute decision to go. It was fun, but I was extremely tired because I was working last minute on a costume with my sister, which resulted me having been up for 48 hours. I was awake since 7 am friday morning, October, and pulled an all nighter. My cosplay was the elf archer from Dragon’s Crown

There was so many people there, especially since it was raining that day. So many vendors and not alot of panels to go to that I was interested in. There were alot of vendors this year and entertainment guests. I did get a photo op with Stephen Amell, but we were told a no touch policy. Makes me sad because everyone was in their own respective shots for one second and out the exit in another.

I should have gotten an autograph and photo op with Manu Bennett, but always for next time…

Maybe next year I’ll invest in the four day professional pass

Check out my photo gallery!


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