Out Goes 2014, In with 2015

Another year has come and gone! Soon to be 2015, 2014 has been a very eventful, dramatic and hardening year for many people.

~WARNING~ This may be a long end of year post. If you would like to read a specific portion of the post, search for the section tag with an asterisk before and after the term (e.g. *love*)
I have, compiled here, a list of the biggest things that I will reflect on for the year 2014. The end of the list will have my resolutions, hopes, wishes


So this year, I have two jobs, one at my main work place and the second as an assistant/data entry person

At my first workplace, it has been very eventful in terms of people leaving and coming in. In addition, there are a lot more partons (or customers) that started coming in, especially the interesting ones. We lost three main staff, in addition, to one to two minor staff. Now that may not sound like a lot, but for a small workplace that I’m in with (a full staff between twenty to thirty people), it’s a big gap of man power that has disappeared. Furthermore, my job place is part of of the county (municipal, goverment-ish) which had a two-three year hiring freeze, which definitely affected morale and pay checks.

In the previous year, we lost two other main staff and three PT workers, so it has been rough, where all the workers had to step up their responsibilities. Or so they were expected to. Now I’ve been working as a minor staff at my job, but I love it so much. The staff are friendly and I get along with them (mostly of them). Whatever they need me to do, I offered any help I could give them. A lot of tasks that needed to be done at my job, especially when its a public domain which we get a fair amount of patron traffic (which seems to be growing even more and more). However, if the effort is only one sided, why should those who seemingly lack the enthusiasm to work hard still be able to have their jobs. My work place does get boring when most of the main tasks are completed and may take a few days to get backed up again for everyone complete their assign tasks. However, if there is nothing to do, be aware of what needs to be done and ask the supers/managers if there is anything else to work on.

My biggest personal attribute (which is both a curse and a blessing) is that I am very observant and can pick up a good amount of signals from my observations. With this, I always keep myself busy to the needs of my assigned section, as well as the needs of my higher ups. I don’t really see that a lot with other fellow minor workers (there are a few that are just as hard working, but not the rest). Some of them are slacking off on their phones, play other people, taking their sweet time to do certain tasks. Of course, I am guilty of doing that too, but most of the time I am busy enough to the point where I only open my phone to check the time and if anything happened at home. Well, it isn’t my problem. As they say, karma is a b*&9@, and they will get their “just desserts”.

To my other job, its new, but I help my boss organize her office and enter info. She’s very busy since she took on two huge jobs at the same time, which I think she should have only stuck to one and now has a shit ton of paperwork to deal with. This is where I come in, but I only work with her between 3-8 times a month because of her schedule and mine. Oh well, at least it is still a little something


This year, I have been doing more social things than I had done for a couple of years. I went to a Coldplay Concert (my first and best concert experience), meeting up with friends I haven’t seen in years, and being more adventurous in my cooking, fashion, and more. Check out my instagram, to see some things that have been going on. Even more so this year, I have been enjoying more of the simple things that life had to offer me. Books, food, simple changes to my lifestyle, and more (basically, all the simple things in life) have help me come to appreciate and find joy in life (as I have done since highschool). Even though I might not go out as much now (e.g. going for drinks, movies (which are hella expensive now), eating out), I cherish the memories and the minor importance that they bring me.

There also has been a lot of death this year. Many great people have come and gone, those famous, people who have sacrificed their lives,  and others who I have known briefly/ intimately. It’s not fun seeing people around you die, but it is the cycle of life. As sad as it may be, the most important thing is to appreciate these people for what they have done and how it has influenced you, and more.


I am a big family person, and especially this year, that is has never been. My parents are elderly, especially my father who is even more elderly and needy (like a child and getting into trouble at home). With lots of health problems to both my parents, and my father not eat properly, its important that I be home more often to help them. My job has been understanding and flexible to any of my family needs, so I can help my parents more. Even if my social life has suffered a bit, I still can have one only when I feel like doing something.


All I can say, it has been non-existent. Now, I myself know that I am not the most interesting person in the world. I also have been very busy with two jobs and taking care of my family (as noted above). Not that I find it all that dire, but I was still hoping I’d be in some relationship before hit my third decade in a couple of years.


This has been a year of sifting out friends who are fake ones, the real ones, and those that are starting to become acquaintances. I am a firm believe of being honest between friends. Everyone lies, no doubt about it, but I hate when people lie to my face and I that they are doing so. If they are and I am not aware, that fine with me. However, if they think they can skirt past it and just act as if nothing happened. They are wrong. Someone close I know did that and I just dropped them. I dislike dishonest people. I am a nice person and will stick my neck out to help my friends. However if I know that my kindness and friendship is being taken advantage of, that’s a mistake that you’ll never make again. I realized that my true friends are the ones that still talk to me even though we are apart and talk occasionally, but still share those same feelings of silliness and friends that we had years ago. For those I see almost every day, they are important to me, but now I am starting to distance myself because now I realize we don’t have as many of the same interests anymore, nor do I feel accepted or appreciated. Also anyone else that is starting to become distant with me, I can’t do anything about it. If it is fated that we have nothing to talk about and just don’t have the time to talk anymore, so be it.




For this year, I wish to have a fun filled, successful, and love filled 2015

-wishing to maybe get a higher position or a better job

-wishing to find someone in my life

– wishing to have more fun in my life

– wishing the very best to every person in the world, to have a better year this year that the last one


Resolutions, resolutions. These things that we are meant to follow, but always break. However, I wiil TRY VERY HARD to at least fulfill five to six of them by the end of  2015

–  travel out of state at least once

– exercise more

– go out with friends (true friends)

– do more photography

– get a new camera

– get my computer/ technology certifications

– get a dog

– meet someone famous

– complete a reading list

– try new worldly foods

-play more videos (aka complete whatever games I have)

– get a new game console, if there is an essential game I need (KH III/ Last Guardian)

– take better care of my hair

– plant a flower garden

– grow more vegetables

– visit new places in the state


My hope is that people around the world will start to realize that all this fighting and inequality needs to stop.

– to find more solutions to problems than creating more

– work together to obtain the impossible: World peace


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