Why I garden- Personal and Economical enjoyment

We have moved into past the middle of the year, or well known as July, to this new year of 2015.  This year and the end of  2014 was brutal for the east coast weather wise. Lots of snow and ice storms, extremely cold temperatures, and more have pounded east coasters for a long and harsh winter. Spring weather just started to come for us late (the first week of April). Mother Nature had given us a taste of warm weather near the 70’s at the end of March, but gave everyone a week of cold weather after that.

Towards the end of May, the weather started to let up and I started to garden again! Now, I love gardening and this will be my fifth or sixth year going at it. It’s dirty (in a good way), it helps the environment, and you get to know where your food is coming from. Gardening is starting grow even more popular now with the ever rising prices of produce and food from the issues that are plaguing different parts of the nation (California and the lack of water, Egg prices rising more than a $1 or more, etc)  Even more so, gardening is relaxing and gives me a bit of a workout. I feel so refreshed when I walk into my garden in the morning, breathing in the newly released oxygen from the plants and give them my carbon dioxide. Its also enjoyable to see the fruits of one’s labor as the plants grow, mature, and produce fruit/vegetables.

Gardening is also a place to learn about the land, nature, and how everything affects plant growth and more. I live in a suburban area so there are plenty of wooded areas where annoying pests, big and small, come to terrorize (or should I more politely say eat) my plants. For example, marigolds  are supposed to be pest repellents in that their flowers have a scent that keep the animals away. However, some of the pests where I leave have learned to eat around them or have actually eaten them! The same with the insect pest that like to eat the leaves or the fruit of the plants.

My garden has been solely organic, using no pesticides and only organic fertilizers, so I just use a strong pressured stream of water to rid my plants of the insects or I use humane live traps to capture critters (mostly chipmunks, which I have caught a total 6 in a span of 3-4 weeks).

Gardening does not have to stem soley outside of the house. Everyone can have one or two pots to have a few herbs, flowers, even indoor fruit.

I know this seems like a hastily written garden post, but I will elaborate more as my garden continues to grow. You can see the progress of my garden through my flicker album posted here! Enjoy!



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