Beauty Products from different places (Korea, US, etc)

Taking care of one’s skin is not an easy job. It takes a lot of effort and patience to follow a routine  to take care of your facial appearance and keep it maintained. For those who only need a mild soap wash and lotion…. (`へ´*)  I am not amused. 
     Like many people around the world, it is difficult to find suitable products for sensitive skin. Certain products can cause more damage (itchiness, breakout, allergic reactions), so it is important to do research and test them out.  For me, I, too, have sensitive skin and many products I have purchased are  a bit of a gamble. This is in the sense that even if certain products are said for sensitive skin, they still affect my skin. 
       I have used many different products.  Most of them are from South Korea and  skin care. I have Asian skin and many of the products I have purchased from my local stores such as Walgreens, CVS, etc, are not very good for my skin. Korean skin products are also great for non-asian skin who are also very sensitive to them. I have found many that have worked for me, as well as other that have not. I will post my reviews here of the different products that I have tried and give you my honest opinions. None of these posts are sponsored and the items here are ones that I have purchased with my own money.
                      If you are interested in purchasing any of these items, you can find them at reasonable prices on Amazon and Ebay. HOWEVER, I strongly suggest that you do four things before buying these items;
  1. Check the products through the brand name websites such as SkinfoodEtude HouseThe Face Shop, and more
  2. Do research on the products through blog and beauty website reviews
    • I use Momomango, SaSa (the reviews from around the world), and other websites
  3. Try to find good sellers with decent ratings (99% or 4 stars and higher) that provide free shipping.
    • I use Cosmeticmarket2012 and RubyRuby76 on Ebay, which I do not have any problems with (so far ::knockonwood::). Amazon has some good cosmetic sellers too.
  4. Compare item prices so that you may get your money’s worth.
    • Certain places will sell their cosmetics and products for cheap, so be a bargain hound and search for great deals!

I will post as many as I can, though it may take a while because I want to finish every product I have before getting more.

These reviews will be grouped by Brand name.


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